Mike Thibodeaux

Michael Thibodeaux has worked as a graphic artist at various advertising and illustrative type companies. He was Art Director for "One Stop Posters", one of the largest poster producing companies, for 10 years, and worked with Mattel Toys, Disney and Warner Brothers.

In 1978, Michael worked with Jack Kirby on a variety of projects, including presentations directed to the Animation Market. He and Jack Kirby worked together for over 14 years where they collaborated on creating design concepts for future projects. Mike was Jack's right hand man.

Michael Thibodeaux has been involved with comics for over 30 years. His professional comic career started at Pacific Comics in the early 1980's where he worked with Jack Kirby on "Captain Victory". Michael's creation of "Last of the Viking Heroes" was first used as a back up at Pacific Comics and went on to Genesis West Publishing with much success. Michael has worked with D.C. Comics, Mirage Studios (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Image Comics.

Michael is best known for being one of the best artist/inkers to work along side with Jack Kirby. Together, they built a foundation of new and exciting concepts. Jack Kirby, Michael Thibodeaux and Richard French have developed many concepts ready for new horizons.