Lisa Kirby

Lisa Kirby, Jack Kirby's youngest daughter grew up surrounded by creativity. Her father Jack shared his love for art and storytelling with his entire family. Jack worked out of his home studio, giving Lisa the opportunity to see first hand what her father was creating and the concepts behind the characters. This gave her much inspiration to write her own stories as well.

As a adult, Lisa's hope is to enlighten readers with some new Kirby creations! Characters that her father originally created but never had a chance to fully develop. Her goal is to keep her father's legacy alive, and to educate the public on the work of Jack Kirby and his important contribution to the Comic Book Industry.

She is also a trustee of the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center - A non-profit online museum dedicated to the life and work of Jack Kirby.

Lisa resides in Ventura Ca., where she enjoys her favorite pastime, surfing.