The Potential - 2% Hero 98% Coward

With great power doesn't necessarily come great courage! Our Hero, Scott Lindsey realizes this and wants to avoid getting squished, splattered or smashed! He tries to avoid trouble, but he's made a deal to be a super hero. Will he grow comfortable with danger or will he keep trying to weasel out of his commitments? Find out in the 5 Episodes of
The Potential- 2% Hero 98% Coward VOL 1 See Interior Pages:

Scott is a typical teenager who wants to fit in with the crowd while keeping a low profile. One day he made a tragic error in judgment, and his life came to an end.

Scott's spirit rose to the heavens where he was greeted by two alien-looking beings called Sanobims. Scottknew that his premature death had to have been a mistake and he begged that his life be extended back on earth. The Sanobims reviewed his situation and agreed, but with one condition: Scott must protect innocent victims on earth from crime.

Suddenly he was transformed into "The Potential"..........

The Potential Vol1-story 5 preview

The Potential Vol1-story 4 preview

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