Galactic Bounty Hunters

Based on characters created by the legendary Jack Kirby, Lisa Kirby and the Genesis West team, artist Mike Thibodeaux, producer Richard French and writer Steve Robertson have developed a story of intergalactic bounty hunters that is filled with adventure AND comedy! Garrett is a teenage boy swept up into a world of cosmic cops-and-robbers because of his father's role as an interplanetary bounty hunter. The alien criminals they combat are as funny as they are dangerous! There's Slug...roughest, toughest space-biker (and mama's boy) in the Nocturnal Nebula, Heebie and Jeebie...the living computer viruses who email themselves around the universe, creating havoc, and many more! A six part mini-series of Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters was published by Marvel Comics from July of 2006 to November of 2007. The full collection is available now in a hardbound graphic novel. A second series is in production now from Marvel.